The following scholarships are available to either current students interested in Financial Planning. Click on each listing for more information. This page was last updated on September 6, 2017 and is believed to be current.

JPH FuturePlanner Scholarship

Would your CFP students be interested in a scholarship program designed specifically for them? We just completed the first year of the JPH FuturePlanner Scholarship and selected the winner. Congratulations to Tyler Floyd of Texas Tech University!

Now for 2017-18, CFP students across the country are invited to participate again, and potentially win $500 towards their education.

For details of the scholarship program, please visit


2017 AFCPE® Symposium Student Scholarship*Scholarship

*2017 AFCPE® Symposium Student Scholarship*Scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to attend the 2017 AFCPE Symposium, where they will share their work, network with thought-leaders in our field, explore career paths and connect with mentors to guide their career aspirations.

*Application Deadline: **September 8, 2017*

*Scholarships include: *

– 2017 AFCPE Symposium < registration>,  November 1517, 2017 in San Diego, CA
– 1-night stay at host hotel, Paradise Point Resort <>
– Pairing with a Symposium mentor
– Student scholarship luncheon
– 2018 AFCPE Membership <


– Full-time students enrolled in personal finance, financial counseling,
personal financial planning and consumer science majors.
– Students who have demonstrated a high level of commitment to the field
either through service or research.

Click HERE < to apply. If you have questions, please contact Thomas Duffany,


**If a scholarship is listed on here and is no longer available, please contact to remove the posting.